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What is Point to point wireless network

Point to point wireless

Point to point wireless is a networking technique for linking or connecting to physical networking devices with the help of wireless technology. Many devices such as bridges, routers, connecters and transmitters work collectively in point to point wireless network. It is one of the leading techniques which is platform independent and works efficiently and effectively for the receiving and transmitting data from one place to another. Its organization is simple all required is to place the device in line of sight order.



How point to point wireless Works?

Point to point wireless works in line of site sequence to devices are placed in physical sequence for proper action of network. An appropriate distance should be maintained between networking devices for assuring the excellent working of wireless point to point connection. different kinds of devices are available in the market which are offering point to point high speed connections they works similarly tot he normal network but the only different is the absence of physical wires that acts as the connecting media. In place of those wire both the device activate the connection programs which are present in them .such as wireless internet service is the example of the point to point wireless.

Many radios also offer point to point wireless connections. Basically wireless point to point connection provides a bridge for the data or signals from one place to another.

Applications of Point to Point Wireless:

Point to point wireless is used for the connecting antenna to antenna points in the mobile telecom sectors for the propagation of signal from one place o another in line of sight order. Huge boosters are placed in the appropriate location in different cities or within the cities. It is one of the major technologies that are use for wireless networks. Wireless internet connections also use point to point wireless in providing services to the customers. It is very easy to create point to point connections and it’s also simpler to track any kind of signal interruption in point to point wireless connections.

Advantages of Point to Point Wireless:

 There are many advantages of point to point wireless some of them are listed below.

  1. One of the major advantages of point to pint wireless is the absence of wire. it requires on physical wire connections of eth signal and data traveling. This makes it much safer from the chance of fire cracker and mesh of sires like othr networks.
  2. Another useful advantage of the wireless point to point connection is the high speed.
  3. Used in the daily use applications such as mobile connectivity.
  4. Totally compatible in WAN.
  5. Safer than the wired networking systems.


Disadvantages of Point to Point Wireless:

  1. Point to point wireless is much expensive than the ordinary network connection. It almost 3 times more costly then the wired connections.
  2. Wireless connections are easily interrupted by external noise and interference radiations such as noise of air planes and laser radiations. When line of sight is interrupted the signals drops to the nil.
  3. These connections are not maintained to the long are geographical locations, if we want to develop the point to point wireless connections then it should line of sight order. Other wise the wireless would be complete failure.


Future Perception:
                            Point to point wireless is the famous technology but researchers are working hard to tackle the lacking features of this technology point to point wireless is used world wide in major telecommunications areas but it’s not applicable in satellite scenarios. It’s under development and very soon we would b seeing the point to point wireless as the perfect networking method all over the world


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