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Difference between Mac and Linux OS with Mac Perspective

Considering Mac and Linux tighter and comparing them is a difficult task. The main reason is that both operating systems are stable and reliable. However Mac still holds and edge over the Linux operating systems in many respects.

Considerable Edge of Mac

Mac operating system is a commercial operating system which has many versions. It is a very stable operating system loaded with its own icons, commands and data, which is entirely different from the Linux OS. Linux is an open source operating system which bears no responsibility in case of any errors. On the other handle if a user with the Mac encounters any problem or error apple is always ready to guide him/her and provide help. Incase one uses Linux the security threats are usually resolved by changing codes. While in case of Mac, one can simply install Mozilla firefox to deal with web security problem occurring in Mac OS.  Apple computers use their technology to build hardware and software both for their own products this makes Apple softwares and Mac OS more stable.

Competitive Edge of Mac over Linux

The most obvious competitive edge of Mac over Linux is that the innovation with the Linux is limited. Let us have a look at the Mac OS X 10.5 and you would realize how it works better than the Linux.  It possesses many desirable features. first interesting features is that it has an open Document word 2007 format which allows the user to make use of text edit and open document format for reading and writing files. It also gives you the facility to save the all open files in a single workspace. This can help the user to locate and configure multiple windows quickly. Mac sync quickly connects you to your system in almost every location. English language grammar check is also an addition to the Mac OS as it gives it edge over both Linux OS and Windows. New Mac OS X is highly interactive and very user friendly. Scroll non active windows only require you to put your mouse on the closed window and it can scroll it for you. It also allows you install updated printer drivers. PDF manipulation is another exciting feature of this operating system.  This is used for removing page, moving page, drop and drag the page. Mail archive helps you to save the file and messages to transfer them to the other Pc when ever desired.

Advantages of Mac OS X over Linux

The biggest advantage of Mac over Linux is that Apple incorporation is in the competition and is in full fight with others. Therefore, Apple computers are constantly trying to improve the performance of their products. Linux is an operating system developed with a view to support networks. Hence Linux is not that user friendly and interactive. Not everyone can use and handle Linux OS because every operating system user does not know the programming.  Mac on the other hand is very user friendly and efficient. It is simple and uncomplicated unlike Linux. There very few Mac OS X viruses as compared to Windows. Thus it is better than Linux and Windows at the same time. Mac OS X and Windows can be installed on the same PC. This is the best example of operating system flexibility. The Mac OS and computers are very well designed. Mac also gives amazingly good high end applications. However the applications of Mac OS are hardware specific. This is because Mac OS can go on very well but only with its own hardware. This makes is much stable and easy to use.

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