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What is Intranet

Intranet is the kind of privatize computer network that make use of existing technologies and internet protocols for sharing and communicating with all the connected network of same organization. They are fundamentally designed for the intra networks for collaborating the work activities of all the people involved in one organization. Regardless of location intra networks are an effective way for information sharing. In these networks all the internal websites can be fully accessed by all the workers dealing win an organization. Many educational and governmental institutes are using intra network framework for communicating at different campuses of same institutions. Memos and circulars can be circulated easily by using the intra networks

Historical Background
In the mid of 1990s this networking method was first introduced at California University and as the time passes it became famous allover the world because se before the intra networks there was zero existence of any reliable network technology for collaborating the information staying within the organization. Intra network fame highly targeted the commerce and business sector. One of the major advantages of this network is that it can host multiple website to be used by one organization with no geographical restrictions in small area networks.

How intra networks works
Intra networks works using the same protocols and specified infrastructure .Usually client server structure along wit the TCP and internet protocols. These networks use many kinds of networking protocols such as SMTP,FTP, HTTP. Network administrators formalize the structure for all the internal websites to be accessed easily allover the organization. One of the major advantages of intranet works is the security feature that it provides to business firms. Completely protected structure is only provided in the infra networks.



Usage of Intranet
These kinds of networks has multiple implementations and applications in all aspects and work areas because they are equally and effectively applicable in all the organizations for successfully handling their internal matters and documentation, web and policy updates. Some of the purposes are listed below.


  • For facilitating the workgroups accordingly.
  • Instant knowledge about important news and memos.
  • Relationship building.
  • Increasing productivity.
  • Recommendations and suggestions.
  • Project management.



Increase work force productivity. Intranets can be very beneficial in increasing the work force productivity because employees can easily collaborate and share information.
Time saving. As organizations using intranets in their networks can distribute information on website rather then posting and dispatching manually which save a lot of time and effort.
Communicative advantages. Easy and instant communication can be done by intranets in the situations where emergency call for conferences is made.
Publishing web publishing is another important advantage which allows organizations to update and maintain the online information as required and anytime. Employees can stay updated with the latest business update and standards, policies and orders.

Cost Effectiveness intranetworking has devastated reduced the cost of the business because all the things and tasks that were done physically can be done easily with web media involved in the networks. Publishing and online information providing has noticeably reduced the printing and manual publishing cost including the transportation cost.
Advanced Collaborations. Immediate and advanced collaborations can be experience only in the intranets, it allows the authorized user to collaborate instantly by just logging into the provide accounts. They can work as teams online.
Platform Independence another great advantage is the platform independence which means that intranet works doesn’t restrict any software specification typically UNIX, Windows .all is required is the access to the global web to view the internal websites. There is no need to install same operating system in all the connected computers.

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