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What is Computer port

Another important component of the computer system that is present out side the case is computer ports. Basically they are defined as the different types of slots located at the back side of the computer for making the connection with other devices are called as computer ports. There are different ports for different functions and devices. They generally play a role of socket in the computer system because it is very convenient for the users to attach the external devices with the help of these ports. They also provide the instructions from one the system to other system.

Types of Computer of ports:
On the basis of the connection and function with the computer system computer ports are differentiated into different categories. There are different pots that are used in the computer system for the sake of the expenditure of the network and connect different additional devices to the computer. Some of the common computer ports are as follows


  1. serial ports
  2. parallel ports
  3. SCSI ports
  4. MIDI ports


Types of computer ports

Serial Ports:
                The first type of the port is the serial port. Generally in the family of the computers it is called as the male ports that handle all the major processes of the computational world. These types of ports consist of 9 to 24 pins in them and commonly used for the devices such as mouse, printers etc. serial ports are able to sends the data in the range of more then 18 feet. Every device has its own separate serial port. Generally ports one of the computers is called as COM1 and other is COM 2. Serial ports have ability to do one and two way data transmission with complete responsibility.


Parallel Ports:
                    Basically it is a female port in the family of computers. A parallel port generally consists of 25 holes or pins and commonly connected the devices related to the printers or scanner with the personal computer. The working performance of the parallel ports is faster as compared to the serial ports or other types of ports. They are built in the mother board and contain 25 wires from which 8 are involved in the data transmission and examining controls the whole circuit. Parallel ports have ability to sends 8 bits data per second and every port is labeled separately such as LPT 1 and LPT 2.


SCSI Ports:
                 SCSI ports stands for the small computer interface system ports that are regularly in the system for the connection of the additional devices with the system such as scanners, USB and many other zip drives. They are able to connect more the 6 devices at a time but not more then 8.


MIDI Ports:
                 These ports stand for the musical instrument data interface ports and are generally used for connecting the different types of musical devices with the computer system. Different types of music composer are used MIDI ports to connect their musical instruments with the system to enhance the working. The advantages of the MIDI ports are that musicians can easily record or edit the required music.


There are two important articles related to computer ports, firstly list of computer ports that will discuss list of all the ports that are available in todays computer and types of computer ports, which disucuss the functionality of each computer port.

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