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Security Issues of Computers - Computer secuirty issues - How to Secure your data

What is Computer Security? 

Computer Security, the branch of Computer Science Risk Management, was introduced in 1970s. It is capable of properly addressing the security issues of computer that is why it is named Security Engineering. Its purpose is to ensure that a particular system is preserved from all kinds of cyber attack. Thus, computer security is the science that preserves data, keep up interaction and ensure uninterrupted service. 

Living in global world is neither easy nor safe. Security issues of computer are continually debated because of their increasing significance and vulnerability. Everyday thousands of confidential document and precious information is shred between users that are always at the risk of hacking. 

Earlier computer systems such as Atlas and MULTICS have been attacked far before the formal demand of security. Computer’s security issues usually deals with process that can be used to preserve and protect data that is shared between users, in not only theoretical but also practical aspect. 

What is CIA in computer security? 

None can deny the luring fear of getting hacked by any genius at any time in the depths of cyber space. The attack might rob of the important financial details of an individual and the priceless data and details of any organization. That’s why computer science intervenes and gives us a solution. The aim of computer security is CIA - to secure the confidentiality, integrity and availability of all information stored in our computer.

Confidentiality can be interpreted as privacy or secrecy. Security gap can range from embarrassment to disaster. 

By integrity we mean that information is protected from all unauthorized changes that are undetectable to authorized users. In most of the hacking cases, integrity of resources is compromised. 

Availability reflects that the information is accessible to the authorized users. In national news we often heard f “denial of service” attacks; the unavailability of service is an attack of availability.

Other Issues

There are also other concerns of the computer security such as access control and non-repudiation. The maintenance of access control means that users can not only approach those services and resources to which they are legitimately authorized but also those to which their access is not denied. 

In the realm of non-repudiation some concrete facts come such as a person who has received certain email cannot deny that he received it and a person who has sent an email can never deny that he has not sent it. Moreover, the canvas of computer security is very broad. It also encompasses the issues of ethics and risk analysis along with special concern to computer crime, remediation of attacks, prevention and detection. Identity and anonymity are also areas of focus in the computer security. 

Techniques for securing data
For securing computer data a number of techniques can be employed. Some of such techniques are Authentic Technique, Automated Theorem and Cryptographic.

Why computer security? 

The content of computer remains safe and sound as long as it is isolated. Once connected to other computers via a network, a computer is exposed to all kinds of threats. With the expansion of cyber space the threats have significantly multiplied and the need of securing computer intensified. That’s why computer security came into being.
Indeed the prime concerns of securing computer are confidentiality, integrity and authenticity but privacy matters most. For an everyday user privacy is as essential as anything. While making an account with any of the web site the user may feel that there is nothing to hide. Privacy is concerned with protecting the information of user even if it has nothing sensitive in it. With the passage of time data sharing among companies and people has improved; that’s why the significance of computer security has multiplied. It gives you all that is inevitable for your security in cyber space.

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