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Computer Network Security Software

Network security is a major challenge for network operators and internet service providers in order to prevent it from the attack of intruders. There are many security tools available for this purpose however security softwares are the most convenient and easy way to deal with the problem of network security.



Important Considerations before Choosing Software

It is difficult to stop hackers and crackers from entering into your system if you do not know which way they are entering into your PC. Choose software which is capable of scanning the problem first and then provide the cure. Choose software which is easy to install and knows how to fix the problems. Software which is also able to provide file based scanning should be preferred. Choose software which is helpful in supporting active directory query system. Chosen software should be able to check and examine ports, shares, files and users. Software should be scalable in order to provide assistance on any operating system. Security software should be competitive enough to locate several vulnerabilities in the database without additional composite additional cost. In the end always choose software which comes with the more upgraded versions.

Advantages of Security Softwares

Whenever you deploy a network you always install security software to every single computer in the network. . However we still need to provide unbreakable network security to our network as a whole. Providing network security to entire network has several advantages. First of all the network security software which is installed on the network provides centralized defense against the security threats. The changes in the central network would run changes automatically to the entire network. The single desktop security is more prone to the attack of worms and viruses. Hence installing security software on a server has two benefits. First of all the network administrators does not have to install and update the security software on each individual user. Secondly he can prevent the entire network form the unauthorized users. Another advantage of security softwares is that you have an option to install firewall to each crucial port. Installing anti virus softwares on each individual computer of the network would slow down the machines and the network as a whole. Centralized security mechanism would help eliminate this problem. It is time consuming to install and upgrade the anti virus softwares on individual computers .hence using centralized security system would save a lot of time for network administrator.


Types of Network Security Softwares

Most of the new computers, laptops and palm tops are equipped with the built in anti virus mechanism. However still there is need to upgrade these softwares and scan your PC for security threats. Generally speaking there are many types of security systems like intrusion detection systems, antivirus softwares, firewalls, file based systems and heuristic systems. Intrusion prevention system is a set of activities which the software performs in order to filter the system form the presence of worms and viruses. Intrusion prevention system improves network protection, prevent sudden attacks and enhance the virus fortification system. Cisco’s intrusion protection system is however considered a practical approach for business networks. However certain names which are available in the market and which offer viable protection against the security threats are many. Famous anti virus softwares include AOL active virus shield, Avast, AVG, Avira, AVZ, BitDefender, Bullgauard, Clam antivirus, F secure, Norman, Microsoft security essentials and Symantec Norton. Beside expensive softwares there are many free and open source softwares which can be used by downloading it into the network server. Moreover almost all vendors often software trials before you purchase one. Trial can help you to choose most suitable security software for your network.

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