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What is Body area network

Networking media has been covered all the fields of the World such as computer networking as well as health departments. For the sake of detection of the chronic disease in the human body a network developed that is referred to as the body area network or BAN. Generally it is defined as the types of network that deals with the detection and for monitoring the whole systematic of the human body or the computational devices wearied by the humans for the sake of detection of chronic syndromes also is called as the body area network. it is also called as the body sensor network.

Concept of Body Area Network:
                                               As we all know that science and researchers in the field of science move towards the new and advanced technology. Different types of sensors or the networks are introduced in the filed of networking. Some wireless networks or the sensors are also used that provide us opportunity to monitor our important things like health, traffic etc in a better way. As a result of this sensor technology researchers has been develop a new sensor or networking technology that is called as the body area network or senor that enable us to monitor the internal activities if the human body such as chronic diseases.

body area network


Applications of Body Area Network:
                                                        Due to the reliability and the property of detecting the diseases or monitoring, body area network is applicable on the different types if properties. Some of the common and important applications of the body area network are listed below

  1. Body area network BAN is widely applicable on the hospitality departs for the sake of the monitoring the internal environment of the human body and also helpful in detecting some diseases
  2. For the detection of different chronic diseases like asthma, heart attacks etc body area networks are used world widely
  3. Body area networks are also applicable on the sports and security departments and some times for communication purposes also

Important Components of BAN:
                                                 As every thing consists of different components in its building process, similarly body area networks also have different components that take part in the producing the body are networks. Some of its important components are

  1. Different types if detectors of motion
  2. Several types of monitoring sensors
  3. Different types of accelerometers are also involved as the components of the BAN
  4. Typical components of the body area networks have battery, processing source, different sensors and transceiver
  5. Different types of sensing technology is used in the composition of body area networks such as physiological sensors such as ECG or EEG

Challenges for Body Area Network:
                                                       Body area networks also faced different challenges in the race of the technological world. Some of its challenges are as follows

  1. The sensor devices that are used in the configuration of the body area networks are of complex nature sand are so small that it is very difficult to construct.
  2. Some people think that this technology is not secure ion the field of hospitality as compared to other medical devices.
  3. When the body area networks are used for the transmission of data they are not useful and can interrupt the data transmission and decrease the efficiency

Future of Body Area Networks:
                                                Future of body area networks is very bright because it is applicable almost in every field such as networking, monitoring, detection etc. If the challenges and the problems of the body area networks would be solved then this technology will cover the whole technological world with its applications and will also helpful in producing the new technologies for the benefit of the mankind.

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