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Computer Technology IT Certifications – An Introduction to Certifications in IT

What is a certification?

Professional certifications, as such certifications as generally termed as (since certificates earned at school or via voluntary work are also certification) are credentials earned by an individual in assurance or affirmation of that individuals skills and abilities in a specific profession, system or task – or as is widely used in an aspect of technology or technological product. Certifications can be thought of as sort of ‘diplomas’ that are optional and are earned by an individuals through exams or the showing of substantial proof such as experience.

Certifications are awarded by organizations or associations of professionals in that field (such as Medical and Dental certifications) or by corporate bodies (such as Technological certifications in Information Technology - examples are Microsoft, CISCO) that are responsible for overseeing certain skills or technologies.


. What are technology certifications?


By technology, we mean Information Technology, Information Systems, Software Engineering and Computer Science - or rather collectively known as Computer Technology'. Thus this group of articles will cover certifications in computer technology.


These are generally 'non-degree' awards that are made out to individuals who show their ability in what the certification covers, such as usage of a product or technology, and are awarded based on achieving a pass in an exam, showing proof of experience, interviews and so forth. Some certifications are awarded based on results in exams whereas some are awarded based on a combination of experience, exams and interviews.

Some certifications are limited to certain technologies or products whereas some certifications are broad in that they cover an aspect of a person's career.


Who are these certifications for?


Generally, these certifications have been designed and are for computer technology professionals whose career lies in any of these fields; Information Technology, Information Systems, Software Engineering and Computer Science. However, certain certifications are also for non-technology professionals who utilize some of these technologies in the workplace. These certifications may be a requirement and are always an added advantage when an individual applies for a job in an organization, particularly for a person whose job application is for a technology oriented career.


What will the articles deal upon?


In this group of articles focused on certification, we will discuss the following certifications or certifications provided by the following Information Technology organizations. These are the most prominent and common forms of certification provided by industrial leaders in the field of Information Technology. Almost all are essential for Information Technology professionals and some are also very important for non-Information Technology professionals whose workplace involves the usage of Information Technology. In fact, almost all designations in today's world require skills in information technology be it knowing how to use Microsoft Office or Red Hat Linux.


The following organizations (or rather corporate bodies) and their certifications will be covered:

1. Microsoft

2. CompTIA

3. Cisco,


5. LPI

6. Red Hat

7. IBM


On what basis are these certifications awarded?


These certifications are awarded in terms of an individual's results in an examination dealing with aspects of that certification. This may also include various theoretical and practical tests. Generally, this is the most common form of methods used to award a certification. However for some certifications, and particularly for higher level certifications, showing ample experience is necessary. Also participating in conferences, having interviews with panels of specialists is also required. It all depends on the certification type, the awarding body and what level of certification it is.

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